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Brooklyn Army TerminalNYCED/Plaza Construction Corp.

Smart Grid Demonstration Project, Brooklyn Army Terminal

The project was for the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) through general contractor Plaza Construction to provide consulting services to build a Smart Grid Demonstration Project at the Brooklyn Army Terminal—which included rooftop solar installation, a battery storage system, and building management system. Plaza is a national Construction Management and General Contracting firm headquartered in New York City. FED assisted Plaza in putting together the team and creating the winning response to the RFP. In addition to the support provided by FED to develop the proposal on this NYCEDC project, FED provided permitting and environmental review support and partnered with Ultralife Corporation to specify the battery storage system for the project.

Sun Development PartnersSun Development Partners LLC/Kings Park, NY

Large-scale solar PV systems on Long Island landfills

This client is a Long Island based solar developer focused on developing large scale solar PV systems on closed Long Island landfills. Future Energy Development is assisting Sun Development in securing development rights to prospective landfill sites and working with NYSDEC to establish a process to permit the solar facilities while meeting the ongoing maintenance obligations associated with the closed landfills.

Ultralife Corp.

Advanced battery technologies

This client, formerly known as Ultralife Batteries, Inc. is an upstate New York State energy storage system manufacturer. Future Energy Development continues to advise this client on multiple grant opportunities for advanced battery technologies. FED prepared the grant proposal for NYSERDA PON 1670 for the purpose of dramatically expanding the capability of its existing Li-ion technology through demonstration of a larger, advanced battery system, from its existing smaller, modular “brick” batteries to support a 600 kilowatt wind turbine. FED helped to secure $1.5 million for this client under this PON. In addition, FED prepared a second grant proposal for NYSERDA PON 1704 for Ultralife to design, build, test, optimize and commercialize its state of the art multiple energy storage system product line. FED helped to secure $2.4 million for this client under this PON. FED has also prepared proposals for federal grants and New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority RFPs.


Brownfield PON 1241

FED worked directly for NYSERDA in conjunction with Pace University to advise the agency on how to educate developers on the incorporation of combined heat and power technologies (CHP) and other green building energy efficiency concepts into existing buildings and new projects on brownfield sites. By showing developers in-field working technologies and describing the ROI, FED shared critical information with the NYSERDA on the best way to encourage developers to utilize their grant programs to install energy efficiency improvements in existing and new buildings.