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Combined Heat and Power on Brownfield Sites

Future Energy Development, in partnership with the Pace Energy and Climate Center and the Northeast Midwest Institute, recently completed a NYSERDA funded project, and released the NYSERDA CHP on Brownfields Report, educating brownfield developers of the benefits of Combined Heat and Power systems for commercial and industrial applications.  Combined Heat and Power systems capture the heat energy that is usually wasted as part of an electrical power generating system to provide a heat source for buildings or industrial processes.  The energy efficiency improvements, which are supported by federal and state incentives, lead to significant cost savings.  

Solar Panel Installation on New York Landfills

Future Energy is actively working with solar companies to site solar panel installations on New York landfills. Since closed landfills are non-income producing parcels, municipal landfill owners are generally interested in this new business concept. The municipality gets income, as well as a source of renewable power, and the solar company a large site on which to place install panels and generate renewable power.

Siting Biofuel Stations on New York Brownfields

Future Energy is also actively working with municipalities to offload tax delinquent properties, often former gasoline stations. These sites provide excellent locations for new stations that will be dedicated to new biofuels products.