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Future Energy Development is a full service site location, real estate and environmental consulting firm for developers of all forms of alternative, renewable energy technologies seeking to locate in New York. Renewable energy development, whether in the form of solar, wind, cellulostic biofuel, or other technology installations, or related component manufacturing facilities, is strongly supported by policymakers in New York, as well as the general New York public.

Locating, siting, and permitting the right site in New York, however, is a difficult process. Obtaining the correct zoning, building community support, and overcoming environmental concerns can be challenges. Future Energy Development can help you site your installation or facility on a variety of industrially or commercially zoned sites, and fast track the acquisition, environmental review and permitting processes necessary to put new projects in the ground quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Future Energy Development can educate your company about New York's various financial incentives programs designed to encourage siting projects here in New York. We work with your company to bundle as many incentives together to make New York your choice for facility location.

Site Selection Services

Future Energy's principals have been working on the redevelopment of commercial and industrial real estate in New York for over 20 years. As a result, Future Energy is familiar with large and small commercial and industrial properties ideal for many renewable energy projects. We will help you identify and acquire or lease the perfect site for your projects. In-house legal counsel can prepare purchase agreements or leases and get you through closing.

Regulatory Services

Future Energy is staffed with attorneys who can help your renewable energy company determine the regulatory programs that apply to your installation project. As the renewable energy industry grows, so do the number of applicable new regulations. You do not have to keep up, we will for you.

Permitting Services

Generally, a renewable project requires federal, state and/or local permits or approvals. Future Energy will help your company secure such permits or approvals by preparing all required applications or other paperwork. Your upfront lead time before installation should be significantly reduced with our assistance.

NEPA and SEQRA Environmental Review Services

Any projects receiving federal financing or requiring a permit from a federal agency require an environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Additionally, most states have a State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) which requires an environmental review for state and local actions.  These environmental reviews require the environmental impacts of a project to be analyzed in an assessment application form and sometimes in a detailed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Future Energy can assist you by preparing the application and EIS, and coordinating the services of any specialty consulting firms required to analyze specific impacts, such as storm water, visual, or wildlife impacts. We can minimize cost by managing consultants and preparing the overall format of the relevant materials.

Financial Incentive Services

Since commercial and industrial sites are often contaminated properties known as "brownfields", Future Energy assists clients to secure participation in the applicable state brownfield incentive programs. The company also specializes in bundling together other incentive financial benefits available to redevelop such sites. These benefits, when available, can be extremely lucrative and often serve to convince developers to locate their projects to your area.