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Fuel Cells

Fuel cells convert chemicals into electricity. They can use various fuels including natural gas, hydrogen, propane, methanol, and solid waste coupled with gasification. Benefits include:

  • Reliable and consistent supply of electricity.
  • Quiet operation when compared to combustion systems.
  • Near zero emissions at the point of generation.
  • Overall efficiencies as high as 90 percent when combined with CHP in place of combustion systems.

Current fuel cell incentives include:

  • Federal 5-year MACRS and available bonus depreciation.
  • 30 percent federal investment tax credit (up to $3,000/kW)
  • NYSERDA programs including a capacity incentive of $1,000/kW (up to $1,500 for essential services) plus a performance incentive of $0.15/kW-hr/yr for three years.