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Large-Capacity Energy Storage

Large Capacity Batteries

Large-capacity Energy Storage includes large capacity batteries, thermal storage, flywheels, compressed air storage and other emerging technologies that:

  • Smooth output from intermittant green energy generation such as solar and wind.
  • Arbitrage power by storing off-peak, less-expensive power at night and discharging during daytime peak, high-cost periods.
  • “Peak shave” by storing off-peak power during daytime peak demand periods.
  • Provide relief to transmission and distribution congestion in urban areas.

Incentives are currently offered through NYSERDA's Existing Facilities Program for use of energy storage for peak demand reduction (up to $600 per kilowatt).  Con Edison's Demand Management Incentive Program provides up to $2,100/kilowatt for battery storage and $2,600 per kilowatt for thermal storage.  Programs such as New York’s NYISO and ConEd Capacity markets provide additional incentives. As the technology improves and costs of storage decrease, the benefits of large-capacity energy storage will become more significant.